robotic services circle


Northwest Demolition leverages our diverse experience and technical capabilities to provide custom remote controlled (R/C) and robotic solutions for a variety of applications.  Our innovative, safety-driven approach to equipment modification, fabrication, and operation allows us to tailor service packages specifically to our client’s needs.


Most commonly, our custom-modified R/C robotic equipment can be operated safely in extreme risk environments by line-of-site or from pressure-controlled armored ‘blast boxes’ thousands of feet away.  NWDD’s proprietary R/C systems are designed to be compatible with a range of demolition and material handling attachments, and can be operated from within the cab as standard machine packages as well.  The integration of 4k camera networks, complete with zoom, tilt, and pan functionality, provide the operator with a machine interface as if they were seated in the equipment cab.  Screen capture and operational recording and storage allows for additional functionality as training or safety demonstration.

We offer the following scope of services:

  • UXO/MEC Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Operations within:
    • Hazardous atmospheres (radiological, low oxygen)
    • Confined spaces
    • Unstable sites and structures
    • Engulfment hazards
    • Falling object potential