• INDUSTRY:Robotic Services
  • CLIENT:Aptim
  • LOCATION:Adak Island, AK

Northwest Demolition’s Robotic Services was contracted to support a unexploded ordinance (UXO) removal effort on a remote site in the Aleutian Island chain.  Our responsibilities were to provide two remotely operated 40-ton excavators with an array of attachments that were capable of being operated from a command center due to the potential of detonation of ordnance.  The command center was self-sufficient with its own generator power for operating the remote system, cameras and computer networks. Our team utilized an array of 4k camera systems with multiple angles to enable them to excavate, sort and examine anomalies for classification.  Our remote controlled units proved to be durable and reliable in a demanding physical environment on the Bering Sea.   To date, more than 7,700 cubic yards of material has been excavated and cleared of ordnance.