• INDUSTRY:Commercial
  • CLIENT:Turner Construction
  • LOCATION:Portland, OR

Northwest Demolition was contracted to remove a 6-story unreinforced brick structure located on the corner of a busy intersection in downtown Portland.  NWDD utilized a top-down approach with a high reach excavator equipped with a grapple attachment.  The height of the elevator shaft required removal of the top portion using remotely operated robotic equipment suspended from a crane.

Due to the proximity to local thoroughfares and adjacent businesses, the project required extreme attention to detail and safety oversight to mitigate any hazards to the public.  A detailed engineering plan was developed and implemented to ensure that the structure could be removed in a controlled manner.  As an additional precaution, crews also worked night shifts to expedite the removal process.  Specialized protective devices were constructed to protect public roads and walkways, and dust control measures were utilized to limit risk to public health.

98% of the demolition debris, or roughly 2,888 tons, were recycled.