• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 1.1 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Government/Military
  • CLIENT:Hensel Phelps Construction
  • LOCATION:Pearl Harbor, HI

Northwest Demolition was contracted to demolish various support structures within the Controlled Industrial Area of Pearl Harbor.  Demolition scope included roughly 11,000sf of onsite buildings, miscellaneous slabs, as well as a 14’ high containment wall constructed of heavily-reinforced concrete blocks and cylinders.  Northwest Demolition mobilized a specialized high-reach excavator to systematically wreck the taller structures, including a 65’ metal warehouse structure, preparing the suspended gantry system for removal via crane pick.  The presence of contaminants such as PCBs, lead, and chromium required significant waste management coordination within the secure area, working concurrently with an abatement contractor to process, load, manifest, and ship a portion of hazardous material for disposal at an off-island landfill.  In total, over 4,100 tons of concrete and “special waste” was removed from site.  The work was completed ahead of schedule and without a single safety incident.

This project highlights Northwest Demolition’s ability to effectively manage technical demolition projects with strict environmental and security logistical challenges in a timely and efficient manner.