• INDUSTRY:Chemical
  • CLIENT:Pioneer Companies Inc.
  • LOCATION:Tacoma, Washington

Northwest Demolition was contracted by Pioneer Companies Inc. to analyze a series of equipment systems in its Tacoma, Washington chlor-alkali plant.  The appraisal was designed to assess the relative values of entire systems, components, or scrap metals contained within the evaporator plant to determine the most cost-effective manner of removal and asset management.

Northwest Demolition was retained to level the entirety of the 30-acre manufacturing plant.  Scope included the complete removal of over 230,000 square-feet of industrial buildings and associated infrastructure.  Also required was the removal of approximately 40 storage tanks ranging in size from 500 to 500,000 gallons, as well as the associate piping yards. The presence of hazardous materials added to the complexity of work, with asbestos, PCBs, and other regulated waste streams found in large quantities on site.

In total, Northwest Demolition was able to recycled 85 percent of all materials on site, including over 14,000 tons of demolition debris such as metals, concrete, and wood.