• INDUSTRY:Government/Military
  • CLIENT:Bhate Environmental Associates
  • LOCATION:Midway Atoll, HI

The “Bulky Dump” at Midway Atoll was create between 1969 and 1985, when 64,000 cubic-yards of bulky metal waste, construction debris, and scrap metal were deposited in the ocean to form an exposed peninsula.  In 1985, the ocean-side perimeter was armored with concrete debris.  However, two consecutive large storm events in January and February 2011, followed by a tsunami in March, necessitated repairs to maintain the integrity of the revetment and containment of the dump materials.

Northwest Demolition was contracted by Bhate in 2017 for the repair and maintenance work.  Scope included stabilization and reinforcement of the existing shoreline, additional revetment construction, and grading and sitework to prevent and manage sinkholes.

Equipment, supplies, and over 4,000 tons of armor stone were barged from Hawaii to Midway. Aggregate was unloaded, sorted, and stockpiled, and then hauled 2-miles across the atoll to the site using off-road haul trucks.  The revetment area was prepped with a hydraulic hammer, and a long reach excavator was utilized to place the armor stone securely.  Due to the need for durability and longevity, diligent quality control measures were undertaken to comply with the strict specifications for material composition, placement, and survey design.  Each stone had to be washed, individually weighed, and keyed into configuration to provide a tightly packed, stable stone mass in accordance with the engineered drawings.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and without incident.

This project showcases Northwest Demolition’s ability to coordinate tight schedules with a myriad of subcontractors, as well as expertise tackling technically challenging projects with remote logistics requirements and strict quality control oversight.