• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.3 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Power/Energy
  • CLIENT:Portland Development Commission
  • LOCATION:Portland, OR

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition and dismantling of the Lincoln Steam Plant in 1990.  The idle PGE electrical generation plant consisted of eight boilers, two steam generators, and other miscellaneous electrical equipment.  A large portion of the plant was contaminated with PCBs, including a 50,000 square-foot sub-grade basement structure, and asbestos abatement was required prior to any heavy demolition. The entire plant was dismantled utilizing a sequential approach following the containment and decontamination process.  All concrete was crushed and left onsite for future use as backfill, and over 3,000 tons of clean steel was recycled.

This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s ability to tackle large scale environmentally complex industrial projects that require strict coordination and strategic planning management.