• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.15 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Hotels/Hospitality

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition of the Kona Lagoon Hotel, involving the teardown of the seven-story reinforced concrete structure.  To mitigate the effects of dust release to the sensitive environment and to public health, a long-reach excavator equipped with a dust-suppression system was utilized.  This specialized piece of equipment eliminated the need for both explosives, or a crane and wrecking ball, to tackle the demolition in a much more controlled and sensitive manner.  Because the hotel was located within 50-feet of the ocean shoreline, reducing the environmental impact of demolition was of paramount importance.  In addition to robust BMPs, the dust-suppression water was recycled to keep the wastewater out of the fragile estuary habitat.

Over 35,000 tons of concrete was crushed on site and used for mass and structural fill on later construction projects.  Upon removal of the structural concrete, native fill materials were screened and compacted to facilitate future site development.  Northwest Demolition also provided the client with a post-demolition topographical survey.

This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s ability to adjust means and methods to address additional concerns for environmental sensitivity.