• INDUSTRY:Mining/Metals
  • CLIENT:Rio Tinto
  • LOCATION:Kitimat, BC, Canada

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the cleaning and demolition of a remote aluminum smelter in Kitimat, British Columbia. The scope of the 18-month project involved heavy rigging for equipment and asset removal, building cleaning and abatement, hazardous waste management and disposal, and full structural demolition. As a part of a larger $3 Billion project, the operations were subjected to intense schedule constraints and close coordination with other contractors working within the congested site.

For heavy rigging, a 400-ton mobile gantry system was constructed into the buildings. A thorough vacuum cleaning process was undertaken prior to demolition to remove the accumulated hazardous dust. Operations proceeded in two around-the-clock shifts in order to achieve the schedule demands.

In total, over 800,000-square feet of building structures were demolished, a majority in close proximity to facilities that remained operational. The demolition produced approximately 24,000 tons of steel and 120,000 tons of concrete, all of which was recycled. Given the intense scheduling, coordination with existing plant operations, remote project location and harsh climate, Northwest Demolition is proud to have been a part of 1 Million man hours worked without a lost time injury

This project demonstrated our ability to mobilize and manage a large workforce– with a total team of over 200 craft– and to work closely with the client as the project schedule was 19 continuously modified to suit ongoing operations.