• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 3.19 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Hotels/Hospitality
  • CLIENT:PCL Construction
  • LOCATION:Kapalua, HI

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition of a 400,000 square-foot hotel compound on Maui.  One of the client’s primary objectives for the project was to maximize the recycling and reuse of materials generated by the demolition operations.  In total, Northwest Demolition recycled 43,000 tons, or 98 percent, of the demolition materials.

The recycling plan required specialized equipment to process and prepare material onsite prior to export.  All of the gypsum, or drywall, was separated and processed onsite.  The process began by loading the material into a horizontal grinder, conveying it onto a three-deck screen and ball deck, and recirculating it to remove all paper.  The result was a half-inch minus product suitable as a soil amendment for landscaping projects.  Additionally, all carpeting, carpet padding, green waste, metals, and concrete resulting from the hotel demolition were recycled.  Northwest Demolition mobilized a crusher plant to process over 40,000 tons of concrete into 3-inch minus aggregate for use in construction roads and backfill onsite.

Due to the sensitive ecosystem of Kapalua Bay, additional management practices were adopted to mitigate the risk of demolition activities to the surrounding environment.  A robust series of controls, from excavator-mounted fugitive dust suppression systems to SWPPs and tidal-runoff protection plans, were implemented to ensure that the strict environmental quality control standards were met.

Northwest Demolition completed this challenging project in fewer than six months.