• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 1.07 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Commercial
  • CLIENT:Nordic PCL
  • LOCATION:Honolulu, HI

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition of a multi-level 27,000sf shopping center along a busy thoroughfare in Kaimuki, Honolulu.   The structure’s storefront required surgical demolition in order to separate the soffit overhang from the street and low-hanging powerlines, and to maintain access to a busy public bus stop.  The building’s plaster face was also selectively removed to ensure no debris entered the adjacent roadway.    The structure’s unreinforced CMU perimeter wall stood nearly 50 feet at its highest point, located along the zero property line a mere 8 feet away from historic residential homes.  NWDD erected a scaffold system along the entire length of the wall to protect the adjacent properties from falling debris.  NWDD mobilized its specialized High Reach Excavator to systematically demolish the back wall and higher rooftop mechanical structures.  Full time traffic control flaggers and a myriad of street and pedestrian walkway closures were required to coordinate the demolition and debris loadout, which saw the removal of over 4600T of debris from site.  Upon completion of the building and foundation removal, NWDD also managed and removed nearly 650T of pesticide-impacted soil from site to make way for redevelopment operations.

The demolition was completed within an aggressive project schedule and without safety incident or impact to the adjacent properties and surrounding neighborhood.