• INDUSTRY:Asset Management
  • CLIENT:Idaho Forest Group
  • LOCATION:Lewiston, ID

Northwest Demolition was contracted to dismantle the IFG Sawmill in 2020.  Included in the overall dismantling of the project was the removal, marketing, and sale of recoverable assets.  Northwest Demolition partnered with an industrial dismantling  company and a timber reclamation company for asset recovery. More than $250,000 in assets were recovered and recycled from the jobsite. Northwest Demolition closely managed the rigging and removal of assets; This oversight was for safety compliance and schedule, as it needed to be carefully coordinated with the demolition to maintain the overall project schedule.  The scope of work included keeping a portion of the second floor intact where IFG has two live running lumber chain decks. Because of these live timber chain decks, Northwest Demolition had to hand separate utilities in each area as demo progressed. Northwest Demolition had to coordinate demolition around these chain decks utilizing scheduled shutdowns to maximize production for both the lumber mill and demolition. Northwest Demolition collaborated with a crane and rigging company for removal of roofing sections that included large glue laminated beams over the chain decks. Northwest Demolition closely managed the rigging and crane picks for safety compliance and to mitigate the risk of damage to mill equipment.