• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 3.4 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Government/Military
  • CLIENT:US Navy
  • LOCATION:San Francisco, CA

Northwest Demolition was subcontracted to perform the demolition and materials handling at the Hunter’s Point Navy Ship Yard in 2010. The project included the intensive dismantling and removal or a wharf, submarine piers and associated quarry walls, and two large berths.  These marine structures contained low-level radiological contamination from previous ship decontamination procedures.  Northwest Demolition’s scope included the in-water demolition, onsite material transport, sorting and staging of demolition debris, as well as the grinding of wooden components for radiological screening.  The wood and small metal containing materials were run through a horizontal belt-fed grinder and magnet system, after which the material was spread out for radiological screening. Clean and cleared products were restockpiled and loaded out to appropriate recycling and disposal facilities.  The project also involved extensive marine surveying to ensure the piling removal had been completed to an appropriate degree. Due to the poor condition of the structures, a majority of the work was completed from a series of barges.

This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s ability to perform complex demolition processes in difficult marine environments with regulated materials and stringent state oversight.