• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 1.5 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Healthcare
  • CLIENT:Dick Pacific Construction

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition of the Hilo Hospital, involving the removal of 265,000 square feet of concrete buildings on the island of Hawaii.  The old facility was located between the moden active hospital and a long-term care facility that shared resources, requiring part of the demolition activities to occur while a connected building remained in use by hospital personnel.  With the removal of the wing, construction crews built a temporary walkway for use during the duration of the remaining demolition activities.  In total, 23,000 tons of building materials were sorted and recycled.  Box and power screens were utilized to segregate aggregate from the remaining demolition debris, maximizing the amount of recyclable material.  Due to the nature of the heavily reinforced concrete and metal lath construction, crews utilized grapples and magnets to separate metal prior to the screening operation.

This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s ability to achieve safe and effective work in the face of demanding and variable jobsite conditions, as well as implementing cost saving efficiency measures for maximum value to the client.