• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 4.7 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Mining/Metals
  • CLIENT:ESCO Corporation
  • LOCATION:Portland, OR

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the cleaning and demolition of the ESCO Foundry in Portland.  The facility began operations in 1913 and expanded significantly until its close in late 2016.  The Main Plant is situated on approximately 16.7 acres, adjacent to commercial and residential areas.

Due to this location, Northwest Demolition implemented a variety of operational strategies to mitigate the impacts of industrial air emissions to the public, proactively controlling site discharges and minimize the quantities of regulated solid and hazardous waste generation resulting from demolition activities.  A full vacuum cleaning process was undertaken on a majority of the structures and their associated piping to remove hazardous dust prior to demolition.

The project involved significant coordination for the facility shutdown, including the rerouting of utilities to remaining structures, asset auction assistance, strategic planning and permit acquisition, and the development and installation of stringent BMP protocols.  Work scope involved building clearing, abatement, hazardous waste management, and large-scale structural demolition.

The proximity to residential and commercial activities made the work highly visible, and a robust set of work plans were followed to ensure that due diligence was performed and quality controls were met.  This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s ability to successfully perform complex and sensitive work under significant public scrutiny.