• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.3 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Industrial
  • CLIENT:North Wind Group
  • LOCATION:Santa Susana, CA

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition of the sodium test facility within the DOE ETEC Santa Susana test site. This work included the investigation of the structures and the development of an engineered work plan for the decommissioning. Due to the fact that the structures had significant weight at height, implosion with explosives was selected as the demolition methodology.  Prior to the implosion event all hazardous materials and universal wastes were removed from the structure. Following this the structures were prepared for implosion with all materials on the lower levels being removed and a series of precise precuts made. Once imploded, the structures are cut into sections and loaded into disposal boxes in a methodical fashion to be hauled off-site as low level radioactive waste.