• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.2 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Mining & Metals
  • CLIENT:Troy Mine Inc

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition, removal and disposal of 20 structures located at the Hecla copper mine in Troy, Montana, as one of the final steps of a reclamation and closure process. As part of the reclamation scope, asbestos and regulated waste were removed from site, hydrocarbon-impacted concrete was cleaned, and hazardous fluids removed. Specific to asset salvage, two cone crushers and two overhead bridge cranes were dismantled, rigged, and relocated prior to wrecking.

The steel and concrete structures were removed to top of slab, with above-grade concrete from buildings, pedestals, and elevated floors processed and used onsite to fill below grade voids. The remaining slabs were fractured to allow for drainage and aid in vegetative growth for future site turnover.

Based on the height and structural components of two of the site structures (Secondary Crusher Building and Ore Bin), explosives were utilized to cripple the buildings and gain safe access for further wrecking and processing.

In total, over 4 million pounds of scrap metal was removed from the site and transported to Spokane for recycling and disposal. This project demonstrates Northwest Demolition’s technical versatility, specialized equipment capabilities, and experience managing complex operations in remote locations.