• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.1 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Oil/Gas
  • CLIENT:Conoco Phillips
  • LOCATION:Honolulu, HI

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the demolition and remediation of the Conoco Phillips Honolulu Terminal.  The demolition scope included the removal of a 50,000 square foot warehouse, load rack, concrete containment system and associated tank farm. The tank farm consisted of 17 tanks in various sizes, the largest having a 5-million-gallon capacity.  Lines were drained and oils collected throughout the project, and sub-grade lines were excavated.  Petroleum impacted soils were also excavated and stockpiled for later removal.  In some areas, the extent of the contamination required the removal of free product prior to the subsequent excavation operations.

This project demonstrates the customer benefit of Northwest Demolition’s joint remediation-demolition skill set, which lowers cost and maintains a high standard of safety and quality.