• CONTRACT AMOUNT: 2.82 Million
  • INDUSTRY:Oil/Gas
  • CLIENT:Millennium Bulk Terminal
  • LOCATION:Longview, WA

Northwest Demolition was contracted for the abatement and demolition of the Millennium Bulk Terminal South Plant facility in Longview, WA.  Project scope included hazardous materials abatement, hazardous waste management (PCBs, mercury, etc), the removal of large conveyor systems, and full structural demolition to 6′ below grade.

The work was performed across a 14-acre site consisting of multiple potroom buildings, support structures, silos, conveyor systems, and electrical switch yards.  At various locations, the concrete contained levels of diesel, oil, PCBs, fluoride, cyanide, PAHs, and heavy metals.  This material was decontaminated, cleaned, and/or disposed of offsite.  For the remaining concrete onsite, Northwest Demolition mobilized a concrete crusher, which produced stockpiles of 500 tons for further testing and verification the product was suitable for use as backfill onsite.  In total, the demolition operations produced approximately 1,000 tons of steel, 200 tons of aluminum, 200 tons of other recyclable materials, as well as 50,000 tons of recycled concrete left onsite.